Thank you for purchasing the Learn to Knit Kit by ChrisRKnits. In the kit you will find three colors of yarn, 2 double pointed knitting needles & 1 tapestry needle. In addition to these items, you will need scissors and patience.

You will make the three knitted bracelets and use their leftover yarn for embellishment.

Part 1 demonstrates casting on the stitches. You should cast on 4 stitches.

Part 2 demonstrates knitting I-cord. You will need to knit seven inches of I-cord. Your piece will look like the following picture.


Part 3 demonstrates finishing off the knitting and joining the ends together to form a continuous ring. You will need to make all three rings in the the kit before continuing to the embellishment which is done with the yarn remaining from knitting the rings.

Part 4 demonstrates embellishing the ring and covering the join area.